The pug is a very old breed of dog known to have existed in China during the 9th century. Although they bore little resemblance to modern pugs, they were without doubt the ancestors of pugs as we know them today.

Frau mit Mops

Pugs were brought over to Europe from China; drawings of the dogs reach back as far as the 15th century. Their triumphant progress of nobility commenced during the 17th century and during the 19th century they were a dog much loved by middle class citizens. Unfortunately, this led to many households overfeeding them with titbits, which in turn led to the dogs becoming quite fat. This is the reason why pugs were displayed in Wilhelm Busch’s pictorial stories as being a greedy and stupid little dog; a reputation which unfortunately stuck with them for a very long time.

We don’t breed this type of pug

Mops im Garten

Our dogs are very active. They play in the garden every day and no matter what the weather, we take them out for walks through the woods and across fields for two or three hours at a time.

Winter Wald

Our dogs are fed on healthy food and get adequate exercise. They are neither asthmatic nor do they suffer from shortage of breath.

We concentrate our efforts on healthiness, because we know that this is of more importance than good looks. We put much more effort into what we do than normally made by breeders.

Apart from the necessary strength tests and obligatory examination of the joints (Patella), we also have the dogs checked to make sure they don’t have a wedged vertebrae or an eye complaint.

After all, the dogs should enjoy running around having fun during a nice long life.